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The Tipping Point

We’ve all been there right? Somewhere in time where life was absolutely magical & also more than we feel that we are able to handle? Where we see all of the beauty within our lives along with all of the struggles in which we are still enduring? That place where we know with all of our hearts & souls that something BIG is right around the corner but we’re to scared to move because of our pasts mistakes or self withholdings?

We will now refer to this sensation as ”The Tipping Point”

Picture yourself staring out of an open airplane door watching the clouds float on by, sun glaring down, the earth passing by as you fly 5,000 feet above it ready to skydive into the air around you. Joining you could be family, friends, coworkers, or a significant other.

You’re excited because you’ve wanted to do this for so long! At the same time you’re petrified because you could get hurt or maybe your life will change significantly in lieu of the rush. (Yeah, that can definitely scare you too.) Some people with you are going to encourage you & tell you how amazing it’s going to be. They’ll support the fact that THIS is what you’ve been waiting for! THIS is what you’ve wanted & all that you’ve been talking about. Others will tell you that maybe you shouldn’t do it. Maybe that you’re not the adventurous or daring type or that you should try indoor skydiving. (You know, the tubes that push air to float you around) first. Then there are those who are just going to push you out of the plane because they’re tired of your indecision. They’re ready to jump themselves & you’re holding them up or they just wanted a reaction.

Either way you’re out of the plane.

You were encouraged & urged to go after it! Great! How does it feel?! Are you more alive than you ever thought you’d be? Did you scream for joy on the way down? Was that wind making your face morph into a hilarious photo opportunity? Who cares?! You did it! You’ve faced your fears & launched yourself into a new experience!

You were talked out of it?! Oh no! As you turn around to head back into the planes cabin your feet slip & your on your way down. They were right, you should’ve stayed back! It’s to late though, you’re in trouble now! Oh wait, You have a parachute!! Ok, gather yourself together! You’ve got this! Now stick the landing! Not how you planned it, it was scary & you thought your life was over didn’t you? However, it worked out! You’re safe & maybe a bit scarred, but your back on solid ground!

Someone pushed you?! HOW COULD THEY! If they loved you they would’ve comforted you & helped you to calm down or done it with you right? What now?! You can’t just give up, if you do it’s certain peril! Ok, gain your composure, regain your balance, now just like they taught you before the jump. You pull your chute open & stick the landing! Not as pretty as it could have been, but you did it!

Someway or another you’ve reached ”The Tipping Point”

With help & support or without it, or there was some force that led you to achieve something that was long awaited!

"Adventurer, get to the point please!"

Alright fine, here you go.

Never, & I mean never, is anything going to work out or go according to "plan" in your life. There will be doubt. There will be worry. There will be false hope. There will be pain & suffering.

There will also be encouragement. There will be Hope. There will be a rush of adrenaline. There will be a safe landing.

Ladies & gentleman we to often in our lives have a fear of the unknown when in actuality everything in our lives is that way! Think back to a time where you had a big dream or goal. Maybe there was a large event you were planning or a incredible vacation you had envisioned. Maybe there was a job you so desperately wanted or an individual who’s heart you wanted to hold.

Now that you have said scenario in mind, did anything go the way in which you had planned it? Did some of it go to plan? None of it even?

We become so imprisoned within the confines of our minds that we so often just give up. Something isn’t how we thought it would be so we chalked it up as defeat & despair. We didn’t get our dream job so we crawl into a cave & hide from other opportunities. Our party was ruined because the DJ was late & now we have to use Spotify. (I don’t know that doesn’t sound like an to bad of an option in my opinion.) The person we craved didn’t crave us back or they just weren’t what we painted them to be in our hearts.

Do you know what the result of that was?

That became the moment something great happened & something better came to fruition.

If you’re currently at “The Tipping Point,” then I, if no one else will, urge you to go for it. Aim big & aim high! Because even if you fail or fall or plunder into despair, something better is out there. More than likely very little to nothing will be how you sought it out to be, however, I guarantee that you’ll be proud of the outcome in the defining lines of your character. Today, tomorrow, next week, or next year your choice will impact your life. Make that impact a positive one!

You’ve got this! All of this! Every single part!


The Adventurer

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