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Second chances

If you had a second chance at life, what would you do? The way I see it you have three options:

  • You could stay the same and go about in the manner in which you were before.

  • You could make a few small changes that would benefit you moving forward.

  • You could rebuild yourself from the ground up.

Although a Rarity, there are those who receive a second chance at the life they were given because of the choices that they made, the choices of others, or a mistake that happened along the way.

We’re only Human right? We all make mistakes and take the abundance of life for granted. Maybe not always, however this does happen. Everything boils down to how we react in those situations which push us towards growth and forward progress.

I’ve come to the conclusion that life is like a drive to work, school, home, your family's house, your favorite hiking spot, a restaurant we travel too often. Whatever you decide to use in this analogy works.

During your trip to whichever of these locations you choose, the path is clear and your route is embedded in memory. Along that Route there may be Construction which forces you to Modify the path you’re traveling on. There may be Traffic along the way forcing you to run behind your desired time or even a complete standstill. You may decide to travel a different route towards your decided location because you know other ways there and you like a change of scenery or break from the ordinary.

During your travels when you run into any of these situations do you turn around and go home, giving up because you didn’t plan on them happening? NO! We move on and keep pressing forward towards our intended destination!

Life follows the exact same scenario!

Individuals have a sense of what they want to do with their lives. They know where they want to be and they know what is required to reach that destination. However Rarely does life go according to plan! We often hit a patch of “construction” in which we have to make changes and develop ourselves in small or even great ways. Remolding ourselves in ways that will suit our dreams in better ways. Causing us to fall “behind” with our goals. Often times we run into “traffic,” taking things slower than anticipated or even at a complete standstill. Periods of waiting if you will. During these times we have no control over anger and “road rage” may ensue. Questioning what the heck is going on and what’s the hold up?! We may decide that traveling a bit off course and move forward in a different way than before. Just a change of scenery maybe? A longer route which may be shorter in time? Heck, maybe a route that takes longer because we’re enjoying the journey and want it to continue a bit longer than usual. Whatever the case we have an opportunity for personal growth and development! Chances to omit people, places, situations, or habits that no longer serve our purpose. Times where we must make a conscious effort to stay the same or become better versions of ourselves. Regardless of what we may or may not encounter our goals and ambitions or dreams tend to stay the same and we tend to, hopefully, reach them one day! Pending we do not become stubborn and stuck enough to give up!

Always Remember:

Your Life ➵ Your Path ➵ Your purpose ➵ Your Destination ➵ Your Timeline

We all have our own stories that made us each unique to the individual. Although similarities from being-to-being exist uniqueness in the lessons learned and transformations made can be drawn between us. Each have been given our own lives to live. Each with our own paths to take in hardships and in prosperity. Each having a predetermined purpose for being here. Some may find that purpose sooner than others, some may never know. Perception is key! Each with our own Destination be it a dream, goal, aspiration, whatever your case may be known that yours is there and it is up to you to figure out what that is! Lastly, each with our own timelines on reaching these purposes and destinations. Do not compare your timeline to those around you! Do not fret if you hit a bump in the road! Do not despair if you haven’t figured yours out yet! When it is your time, you will begin to make the realization and as long as you believe in that continue to learn more about yours then you’re going to do just fine! I PROMISE!

Remember at the beginning when I asked what you would do if you were given a second chance at life?

I myself was given a second chance! You see, back in 2016 I decided that my life needed a change and that change was to end it. I drove off of the side of the road spinning in circles and flipping numerous times. I wound up hidden away behind tree line, out of sight of all those passing by. My beautiful Reese's Pearl was a mangled mess of what was once a beautiful 2011 Hyundai Sonata.

We can save the rest of that story for another time! Basically, what I’m getting at is that:

  • It could have been me,

  • It should have been me,

  • It would have been me.

I was given a chance to right my wrongs and rebuild Myself. Once I healed and had begun to move on the realization that my survival was on purpose for a purpose began to grasp every aspect of my life! I started to slowly see Life in New and Amazing ways. Beauty had shined its radiant light upon me and Moussa was under construction. By the Grace of God, I was saved.

Choosing to move in a forward direction has been not only the most difficult and uncomfortable task ever placed at my feet it has been the most rewarding! To go from survival mode for twenty-six years in to thriving mode since took years of hard work, realizations, transformations, and releases.

As I had stated prior, we will have a decision to make. Did you remain the same and go about life in a manner that hasn’t been suiting you? Did you make a few small changes and decide that anymore would be too difficult? Did you take the opportunity to remold the individual looking back at you in the mirror?

No matter what you’ve chosen you will always have an opportunity to choose again. Look inward, follow your heart, and claw your way out of the rubble! You have it in you! Whether you believe it or not right now, you undoubtedly have it within yourself!

“Adventurer! That’s scary and uncomfortable! Nothings ever going to change and woe is me!”
“Adventurer that’s too much work and I can’t do it!”
“You just don’t understand! It’s not that easy!”

Listen, I have heard all of the excuses in the book (and used many of them myself) as to why Someone cannot, will not, or should not bring themselves out of a situation. At the end of the day there is always a way! There is always a chance! There is always an opportunity! Not one person, place, or thing can do this for you! That is not their burden to bear! Remember, this is yours and yours alone! Look to the ones who keep your spirit high! The ones who inspire you! The ones who you admire and can relate to on a deep and meaningful level!

We all need help at some point, just ask! Help isn’t always materialistic or wealth centered! For me a majority of the help I have needed pertains to knowledge, advice, and moral support along my journey! There hasn’t been a lot of either for me myself. Yet there has been enough to keep me going!

Stay Kind

Stay Loving

Stay Mindful

Change what you can and make way for a new you!


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