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The Who, What & Why

Since April 2020 The Adventurer (Moussa) has been seeking himself, the man he was, is, & wanted to become, reflecting on his life's entirety.. He has broken himself down to the very foundation & has been rebuilding ever since.

None of The Adventurers journey has ever been easy, however every part has been worth it! Moussa truly began his transformation in February of 2016 when he attempted suicide & has been climbing his way uphill since that day. From then on he had made a vow to become his best version, clearly GOD wasn't done with him yet, we're thankful for that & we promise that this is only the beginning!

Moussa emerges after much reconstruction the best version of himself, continually growing and learning everyday. Meanwhile questioning everything he thought he had once known about himself & his beliefs.


Routine changes, health and wellness upgrades, dropped social media and picked up books, more time in nature, more time with family, no more drinking or smoking, more time with GOD, more time being comfortable & at peace with himself. More self awareness for the mistakes, deeds, & harm he has not only caused himself but those throughout his life. Giving himself encouragement for the good & loving gestures. Being more aware of his reactions & the ways he responds to situations or individuals. Ensuring he takes responsibility for all of his short comings & credit for his successes. The realization that everyone is faulty for one thing or another & that learning from your faults with a willingness to become better through them takes work. Knowing that he’s not perfect nor will he ever be, accepting that, & moving forward in a positive direction.

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Diagnosed with ADHD, PTSD, & Massive/ Major Depressive disorder bordering the entirety of his 31 year life, whereas living untreated or seen until 2020 for all of the above has made life so much more difficult than it needed to be. Not just for himself but for those whom The Adventurer has encountered throughout the years.


You undeniably never know what kind of impact you will make on any one person or what their perception of you may be. Never are we able to say that we have been perfect or great for the duration of our days. Accepting this & the responsibility for any wrongs will really open ones eyes to the ways in which we must grow, at least with The Adventurer it did.

It is with this in mind that Moussa has decided to start The Mighty Misadventure Podcast & Blog!


Building a community of individuals from across the globe who are hungry for a change. Who want to leave their mark on the world, not for themselves, but for the ones to come.


We can be better and must be better if we want our children, God children, & children’s children to live happy, prosperous, and peaceful lives. Yes, we know that you can’t change everything & that the world has it’s harshness. However a community of love & hope can at the very least make their futures more enjoyable.


The Mighty Misadventure is in direct reference to each & every one of the lives who have been hit hard by life’s viciousness. The Mighty stands for you. It stands for the strong yet broken. Those who have lived with mental disorders, physical disabilities, sexual abuse, childhood traumas. Mighty is for those which have lost a parent or have dealt with divorced parents. Those who have never known either one.


The Mighty are the people who throughout it all have remained steadfast in picking themselves up & moving forward in a positive direction. 

The Misadventure, well, that’s just life. A beautiful mess we endure from sunrise to sunset. It’s your journey into the unknown & the very reason you stand, sit, or lay reading this. Everything in your life has been done on purpose for a purpose. Your Misadventures won’t end, I’m sorry, however they can become easier & life more wonderful once you are willing to view that mess differently.



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By teaching & showing individuals that you can live YOUR LIFE, following YOUR PATH, guided by YOUR PURPOSE, towards YOUR DESTINATION, on YOUR TIMELINE.

Whatever & wherever that may be! This Journey of finding his isn't over & never will it end, that's beautiful!


Every single one of us has been put here for our own specific reason with our own specific skill sets to do something more than just "be alive." We were put here to live, so let’s live in the best way possible, by learning and sharing OUR Mighty Memoirs. Stories that made us and broke us. Giving Words of Wisdom directly from those who have conquered their suffering no matter the situation & without judgment. Sharing your Mindful Moments, you know, the ones where you said "oh that's why" or "Oh, now that makes sense!" our heartbreaking "Wow! I had no Idea I did (insert embarrassing, rude, or annoying thing here)!"

Come along his Journey & read or listen to the tale of everyday individuals. Gain new insight with a hope of new understanding. Together we can make the world a better place. Together we can make an impact.

We don’t care if your remember our names. We care that you remember what was said. Remember the stories & lessons from the mistakes & lives of Moussa & those individuals who share their diversity & commonalitiess. 

It takes a community to build each other up & make a difference.

It takes one person with a vision & a plan to start that community.

Join The Mighty Misadventure here & on our Facebook page! You may also share your thoughts with me at




I love you all!

The Adventurer

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